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Family house interior arrangement

Family house interior arrangementx

The investor’s wish was to transform a family house with one residential unit, in Dugave neighborhood of Zagreb, into a house with two residential units, by separating it in a zone of two- storey living room and adding to it an internal staircase. The design includes construction of a double winder staircase and the closure of the living room gallery with a dry wall partially made of satin glass brick.

The tread and the riser of each second stair are designed in the same color, thus achieving a rhythm within the line of movement during the descent or ascent. The stair railing is shaped by a flat, alternately recessed parapet dry wall with reinforcement in the handrail zone.

In the living room, by choosing colors and paintings, the emphasis is placed on yellow and purple details. The planned construction of satin glass bricks within the partition wall in the gallery, provides natural daylight to the greatest possible extent in the separated space on the other side.