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Vacation house

Vacation house, Sveti Vid, near Malinska, island of Krkx

Building and construction supervision:2020/2021
Family holiday house with one residential unit. Located on a gently sloping terrain, in the center of Sveti Vid (Saint Vitus), near Malinska on the island of Krk, at 92 meters above sea level. The plot is in direct contact with public roads on the upper, eastern and lower, western side. Access is provided from the lower road, which has a lower traffic density.

It’s a ground floor building with a small basement in the eastern part that serves as an auxiliary unit. Position of building on the plot determines it’s compact shape, given the limited permitted construction zone. Volume division was achieved by extending parts of building according to functional units around central axis.

Hip roof has a slope of 20 degrees relative to the horizontal plane. The eaves are longer on the south side, to allow shade during the summer months. The surrounding terrain is shaped without added cascading walls, following the existing natural slope.