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Apartment makeover

Apartment makeoverx

In the western part of the city of Zagreb, the investor ordered makeover of 45 m2 apartment with loggia in a 2-room apartment with separate bedroom. The apartment is located in a residential building built in 1990, which means that one of the positive aspects is the possibility of retaining existing installations within the wall structure as well as the quality of the finished works, especially glaze.

The makeover sugested the removal of all partitions apart from the bathroom, and the closing of the loggia for the purpose of obtaining a unique living and dining area. Removing the partition walls and doors (altogether 5) the one-sided orientation of the apartment in the south-east has been optimally utilized and the entire living room has been provided with daylight (the bathroom has an existing door with an overhang, which is standard in residential construction in the late 80s).

The parquet floor was replaced by a 60 × 60 cm slate slab. Thus a unique space created was then suitable for the construction of cabinets on wall along the entire perimeter of the apartment. Floor-to-ceiling wardrobe cabinets do not retain dust as standard cabinets. In the bedroom and the bathroom are 60 cm deep and 40 cm in the entrance. The kitchen is physically separated from the entrance space by the bar but remains visually connected with it. The bedroom is separated from the living room by a sliding aluminum wall that is installed in the existing opening in the supporting wall.

Existing wooden windows added a window to the loggia fence and all painted in white. The entrance door and the bathroom door were also painted in white, thus achieving inner airiness and creating a new visual identity of the living space.