Collins Street West, Victoria 8007 Australia
Monday - Friday 08:00-16:00

Caffe Bar Dallas

Caffe Bar Dallasx

Building and construction supervision:2014
Decorating the inner space of cafe bar in the Zagreb borough of Vrbik, which includes a part of the higher ground floor of a residential building. Removing the bulkheads provides natural bilingual illumination from the east (courtyard) or west (entrance) side. The narrow and deep space of the cafeteria is solved by placing the mirror panels along the north side, while the south side is a mural with a panoramic silhouette of Dallas, Texas, USA in which the door of the auxiliary rooms (storage, women's and men's toilettes) is fitted. The bar itself, placed in the middle of the space, is toned black, thus being as possibly annuled from the focus of the scene.