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Angular House

Angular House, Privlaka near town of Zadarx

One-unit, two stories high, house for family with three children with pool next to the ground floor terrace. The house is located on flatt ground, in the edge zone of the building area of ​​the Privlaka municipality, near town of Zadar. The plot is separated from a pine forest by public road, which has a significant impact on mild climate during the winter and summer months. The building is designed as a compact unit whose volume is split into a withdrawned ground floor and a cantilevered first floor. An additional emphasis on volume division was made by different facade cladding (the ground floor has a robust stone lining and a floor plastered and smooth finish) as well as different coating colors (darker ground floor and brighter first floor), linking traditional architectural elements of northern Dalmatia (stone base of houses) with modern slogans (flat wall surfaces and roof terrace). Horizontal and vertical gauge and building material for building performance are aligned with surrounding construction and landscape values.